Be Kind to You

Once I asked a friend to do a favor for me while I was away. She agreed. A couple of days later she left me a distressed voicemail message. She apologized profusely for “botching” up the request. That didn’t bother me, but what she said about herself did.  She repeatedly put herself down for not doing what she had promised.   I was so disturbed by how she described herself.  Her mistake was a “minor” one in my opinion. And even if it were “major,”  it did not justify her  description of herself.

I called her back and told her it was okay. We all make mistakes, and that I had made a similar one recently. I also told her not to be so hard on herself.

So many times we are more courteous and forgiving of others, then we are of ourselves. Putting ourselves down when we “mess” up could be a reflection of pride because we think we are above making simple mistakes. We are all fallible.

Be kind and forgiving to yourself when you fail.  All humans fail. Only God never fails.


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