Content with Cancer

Whenever a person is diagnosed with cancer, typically one of the first questions to the doctor is, “What can we do to eradicate the cancer?” The options could be surgery, followed by radiation and chemotherapy. We know the downsides of the treatment plan, but the advantages outweigh them hands down.  We will take extreme measures. We want to live.

I wish we were that motivated to eradicate the cancer that is killing our inner man. We walk around with bitterness, resentment, envy, pride, anger, lust for years. Living with cancer. Content. These cancer cells are looming larger every day we don’t seek treatment. They bombard our thought lives constantly.

When we catch them early, refuse to live that way, and go to the Great Physician for surgery, we can be healed. The cancer doesn’t have to be terminal. Unfortunately, countless thousands choose death rather than life.

Don’t live with cancer of the soul. You can beat it. Make a daily appointment with the Great Physician. Follow His treatment plan. It works.

Expecting great things of God,



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