I was thinking about pedestals this morning so I decided to look up the definition. It is a “supporting structure.” It’s common to use the phrase, “to put on a pedestal,” which means “to glorify” or “to idealize.”

It’s dangerous to put people on a “pedestal.” Why? They can’t stay on it. After I experienced betrayal in a relationship years ago, I decided it was time to take every person I admired off the pedestal. That included my seven brothers, ministers I respected, all of them. Why?  All flesh is weak. Apart from God’s grace in our lives, we are all capable of doing the “unthinkable.”

Another reason for taking everybody off the pedestal? It’s a bit crowded. There’s only space for one… God.

Always hopeful,



One Response to “Pedestals”

  1. Maria Says:

    This has offered me so comfort. God Bless

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