It’s a New Season!

Today is officially the first day of summer. I love this definition

of summer: the period of finest development, perfection, or

beauty previous to any decline.

Are you ready for summer in your life? It can begin

today. It did for me early this morning.

I went to bed somewhat downhearted. Life has not turned out

the way I expected. I wanted fruitfulness in every season.

Instead I got some barrenness.  Unfulfilled expectations can

produce embarassment. Hopelessness.

But my Heavenly Father always knows when I need a dose of

encouragement. It usually comes when I read His love letters,

written in the Bible. I opened it to one of my favorite

passages (I Samuel 1) to read the story again of one my heroes,

Hannah. She was experiencing a long season of physical

 barrenness. She was embarrased because she could not

 produce a child.

I started crying. For the first time I realized…that was my

problem. I had never admitted to God (or to myself) that I was  

embarrassed by my situation…that I did not have the

 opportunities I wanted;  my life was not meeting my

 expectations (there’s that word, again).

I read to see how Hannah handled her barrenness.  She

 acknowledged it to the one person who could do something

 about it. God. She wept and cried out to Him. The passage said

 it was God who had closed her womb. He created the

 postponement, the problem, for His purposes. I had not seen

 my “postponement” of fruitfulness from God…that He was in

those details.

 It’s so easy to give Him credit when life works out

exactly as we’ve planned…but God is also in the details of

delays and disruptions.

Hannah cried out to the Lord and said, “Remember me, your

servant.” She was in essence saying, “Lord, only you can turn

my impossible situation around.”

After reading this passage, I asked the Lord to forgive me for

being embarrassed about being in this place in my life. He

showed me that I was too consumed with what others

thought of me. Eleanor Roosevelt said “no one can make you

feel inferior without your permission.” Then I asked Him to

“Remember me, your servant.” I reaffirmed that I am here to

play the role in His script, not mine. Then I decided that my

praise to God would never be dependent on my

circumstances. He controls them. My life is wonderful

today. Why? God is guiding me along the path He ordained

 and He promises to get me safely through every


I put my walkman on and went for a walk with praise

music blaring in my ears and  a smile on my face. I went

skipping down the trail singing and saying in between,

 “Lord I’m going to praise you like I have  10 million dollars

 in the bank. I’m going to praise you with all the exuberance

 I can  muster because you are my life. You have changed my

 perspective. Every day you give me opportunities to be

 fruitful, to be the best I can be, to give an encouraging word

 to someone who is thirsty. It’ s what I do with those


First I need to encourage myself daily with the  Word that

 wells within me. Then I am empowered to  encourage others.

 That’s fruitfulness. Blooming where you are planted.

 If the garden is suppose to be any bigger than what it is

 today…God will make it grow.

I’m embracing this new season of summer. A load has been

lifted. The SON is shining brightly. I’m in the period of my finest

development, perfection. My beauty has been restored.

I encourage you to do what I did. Acknowledge your pain.

Your embarrassment. Take it to the only Person who can

handle it and change you…God. Cry out to Him  until He speaks.

When He does…praise will flow from the depths of your heart.

You will have His perspective on your season. You will change.

Expecting great things of God,






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