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A Mother of Distinction

May 8, 2009

I’ve been reflecting this week on how rich I am! I am a wealthy woman because as long as I can remember my life has been enriched by wonderful, wise godly women.

The first one to share her treasures…my mother Ormie Martin. We have a special relationship. I’m her only daughter…the 7th out of 8 children. (Thanks Mom and Dad for not giving up!) As a small child I remember her telling me true stories …about God, His Word, and His Son, Jesus. They were exciting, full of miracles and wonder. Through her life and example, I came to know and believe that God was not only BIG but approachable and available to all and that He desired a personal relationship with me…a mere child! I embraced that wonderful gift and have NEVER regretted that decision. It has shaped my life. I cannot imagine one day without my constant companion, who whispers often, I love you madly and I have a tailor made script for you. All you have to do is love me, listen to me, and then do what I tell you.

My Mother has taught me by example to love God passionately and to be His woman. She is a mother of distinction…one who fears God and focuses on her assignment… family first. Her daily regimen is to talk to God before she talks to men. Mother imparts her wisdom for two weeks on Excellent Living (visit  the “Broadcast” link). I esteem her because she is someone I can follow. I have watched her closely all my life. We all need role models, especially those who have chosen the path of excellence…doing life God’s Way.

Happy Mother’s Day!

With gratitude,